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Präsentation unseres neuen Buches / Presenting our new book

"Der Finsternis entgegen"

Montag / Monday, 28 September 2015

19:00 h

Studio Dumont, Breite Straße 72 Ι

50667 Köln







Ab 15. Mai 2015 erhältlich / available as of May 15, 2015:

"De monsignore en de Nazi" (Niederländische Übersetzung von / Dutch translation of "Über die Weiße Linie"









"Mr Little was compelled to resume his old position as tutor to Lord Wickhammersley's son at Twing Hall, sir. Owing to having been unsuccessful in some speculations at Hurst Park at the end of October."


                                                      P.G. Wodehouse